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Well, obviously you want to know what *really* happens on the interfaces --
- run tcpdump against both ports (for internal and external profile)
separately, try to register/call from the device you use
- check 'sofia status' - it'll show you ports freeswitch (and especially
sofia) is running on, check that with your configuration
- if phone is not contacting the pbx, you have network problem you have to
fix first
- if your phone *is *contacting freeswitch, increase log level and see what
- try turning 'siptrace on' on both sofia profiles

Generally, not enough data; and by the way - if you can, try running FS 1.6
- it's... well, yes, even FS 1.0 will work, but to harness all the FS power
and use all its funky features (last but not least: and have your FS
patched), use something recent.

...last but not least: if your pbx is reachable from the Internet PLEASE
use fail2ban and other measures to reduce chance of abuse.


On 14 July 2016 at 10:27, uzair iltifat <uzair.iltifat.ahmed at gmail.com>

> Hi All list members,
> I am new to freeswitch. I have installed freeswitch version 1.4.26 -64 bit
> on CentOs6. i am registering a SIP user, for that I have added the user
> 1100 in  my /usr/src/freeswitch/conf/directory/default , after that i
> changed the dialplan and reload the xml. In fs_cli when i run the
> list_users command it i not giving me my created user ? and also when i
> check that 1100 is registered or not it gives me "error/user not
> registered"
> Looking for your kind responce.
> Thanks,
> Regards Uzair Ahmed
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