[Freeswitch-users] all-reg-options-ping and tls issue

Emrah lists at kavun.ch
Fri Jan 29 11:24:56 MSK 2016

This is interesting. I experienced something rather similar where calls would drop because FS would timeout on certain packets sent over UDP instead of TLS.
I assume you mean FS exits with port 5060 instead of port 5061? Because the port on the remote end should be dynamically set.
I found out that in my case, what works best even with TLS, is to use:
<variable name=“sip-force-contact” value="NDLB-connectile-dysfunction-2.0"/>
This goes as far as it can to lay out the path to contacting the client with all consideration in regards to NAT and dynamic ports.
Not sure if it will help you. I’ve personally disabled options-ping an let my clients deal with keep-alive instead.

You could also look into:
    <!-- add a ;received="<ip>:<port>" to the contact when replying to register for nat handling -->
<!— <param name="NDLB-received-in-nat-reg-contact" value="true"/> -->   
<!— <param name="bind-params" value="transport=tcp,udp,tls"/>  -->
<!-- additional bind parameters for TLS -->
    <param name=“tls-bind-params" value="transport=tls"/>

I’ll leave it up to you to investigate those options more in details on the FS documentation.

Please keep us posted!

> On Jan 28, 2016, at 11:48 AM, Seeliger, Adam <Adam.Seeliger at qsc.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a problem, when I enable TLS and register a phone using TLS on Port 5061.
> FreeSWITCH still tries to “ping” the phone using Port 5060 using UDP, which is ignored by the phone.
> Moments later FreeSWITCH deletes the registration, because “unregister-on-options-fail” is set to “true”.
> I already figured out, that you can set “all-reg-options-ping” to “udp-only”, but this would completely disable this feature for TLS.
> Is there any way to ping TLS registered using TLS?
> Thanks in advance
> - Adam
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