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The vanilla configuration default.xml dialplan uses this hash method in the Local Extension example for 1000-1019.






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I have another idea

Use mod db or hash, even mod memcached to push a key to know where the call comes from.

You may need to use uuid from leg b to do this way

Le 18 janv. 2016 3:01 PM, "Mitch Capper" <mitch.capper at gmail.com> a écrit :

There may be a better way to do so, but this would certainly be easy to do with a dialplan.   I would probably make an extension addendum (or set a channel variable).  IE if normally the receiptionist might transfer to 1000 instead she transfers to 1000r.   The dialplan would ring the user if it was user 1000 or 1000r,  but with the 1000r if the call is not answered rather than executing the voicemail action it just transfers it back to the receptions extension.



On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 8:29 AM, Blake Priddy <blake at cogents.io> wrote:

So I have this school that FS is installed at in Arkansas. They want this feature that they had before with their last install called call return? Basically from what I can interpret from him is that when a user transfers to another user and they do not answer, the receptionist wants the call to ring back to her so she can either take a message or direct the call elsewhere. Without the caller having to leave a voicemail, hang up, then call back to tell the receptionist that they were not available. Does anyone know the feature I am talking about and how can I implement this into FS. Thanks y'all!  :)


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