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I just today was touching up the Confluence page for att_xfer and I THINK it does exactly what you’re asking for:




Try it out and see, you might have it easy.






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From: Blake Priddy
Sent: Monday, 18 January, 2016 11:30
Subject: [Freeswitch-users] Call Return


So I have this school that FS is installed at in Arkansas. They want this feature that they had before with their last install called call return? Basically from what I can interpret from him is that when a user transfers to another user and they do not answer, the receptionist wants the call to ring back to her so she can either take a message or direct the call elsewhere. Without the caller having to leave a voicemail, hang up, then call back to tell the receptionist that they were not available. Does anyone know the feature I am talking about and how can I implement this into FS. Thanks y'all!  :)


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