[Freeswitch-users] "Missing local host" error message while FS establishing early media

Anthony Brodi tony.brodi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 11:10:54 MSD 2016


Currently my FS is set up that way that it does not sent 183 Session
Progress but 180 Ringing at once. It makes the calling side sometimes
confused whether the call is being processed or not.

To change this, I use pre_answer() before bridge, but then run onto this
issue - FS jump up with a AUDIO RTP REPORTS ERROR: [Missing local host] as
you can see in the log below.

Can anyone help me on this.

EXECUTE sofia/internal/1000 at Registar_IP.X.X.X pre_answer()
[INFO] mod_dptools.c:1327 Sending early media
[DEBUG] switch_core_media.c:2507 Set Codec
sofia/internal/1000 at Registar_IP.X.X.X PCMU/0 0 ms 160 samples 64000 bits 1
[DEBUG] switch_core_codec.c:111 sofia/internal/1000 at Registar_IP.X.X.X
Original read codec set to PCMU:0
[DEBUG] switch_core_media.c:5244 PROXY AUDIO RTP
[sofia/internal/1000 at Registar_IP.X.X.X]
Softphone_local_IP.X.X.X:5930->Softphone_local_IP.X.X.X:5930 codec: 0 ms: 20
[ERR] switch_core_media.c:5844 AUDIO RTP REPORTS ERROR: [Missing local host]

freeswitch at internal> sofia status profile internal
Name                    internal
Domain Name             N/A
Auto-NAT                false
DBName                  sofia_reg_internal
Pres Hosts              FS_external_IP.x.x.x,FS_external_IP.x.x.x
Dialplan                   XML
Context                  public
Challenge Realm         auto_from
RTP-IP                  FS_external_IP.x.x.x
SIP-IP                   FS_external_IP.x.x.x
URL                           sip:mod_sofia at FS_external_IP.x.x.x:5060
BIND-URL                  sip:mod_sofia at FS_external_IP.x.x.x
HOLD-MUSIC              local_stream://moh
CODECS IN               PCMU, PCMA,G729,G723,GSM,G722,OPUS
CODECS OUT              PCMU, PCMA,G729,G723,GSM,G722,OPUS
TEL-EVENT               101
DTMF-MODE               rfc2833
CNG                          13
SESSION-TO              0
MAX-DIALOG              0
NOMEDIA                  false
LATE-NEG                 true
PROXY-MEDIA           true
ZRTP-PASSTHRU       true
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