[Freeswitch-users] spandsp.conf.xml for Brazil

Gonzalo Gasca Meza gascagonzalo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 09:20:48 MSD 2016

Hi all,

Looking to see if someone can provide a sample configuration for
Brazil for spandsp.conf.xml
Im interested in SIT, REORDER and BUSY or guidance in configuring this file.

Here are the Brazil tones:


Frequency in HZ value is understandable, seems to be min and max are tone
duration. Where can I find these reference?

This is the US sample:

<descriptor name="1">

       <tone name="CED_TONE">

         <element freq1="2100" freq2="0" min="700" max="0"/>


       <tone name="SIT">

         <element freq1="950" freq2="0" min="256" max="400"/>

         <element freq1="1400" freq2="0" min="256" max="400"/>

         <element freq1="1800" freq2="0" min="256" max="400"/>


       <tone name="RING_TONE" description="North America ring">

         <element freq1="440" freq2="480" min="1200" max="0"/>


       <tone name="REORDER_TONE">

         <element freq1="480" freq2="620" min="224" max="316"/>

         <element freq1="0" freq2="0" min="168" max="352"/>

         <element freq1="480" freq2="620" min="224" max="316"/>


       <tone name="BUSY_TONE">

         <element freq1="480" freq2="620" min="464" max="536"/>

         <element freq1="0" freq2="0" min="464" max="572"/>

         <element freq1="480" freq2="620" min="464" max="536"/>



Thank you
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