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Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 21:34:29 MSD 2016

About skypopen: I suspect they (M$) will retract support soon for the
protocol/API used by mod_skypopen.

Don't seriously invest in it until situation will clarify, probably in

6 concurrent call limit can be overridden in many ways, but I repeat, I
would not counseil to seriously invest in it until Autumn.

I'm mod_skypopen author, btw.

If someone has more info, please step up and let us know.


On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 5:53 PM, Rick Jarvis <rick at magicmail.mooo.com> wrote:

> Skype are telling me that it is no longer possible to receive calls to
> Skype names / addresses (as appose to Skype numbers) via SIP with Skype
> Connect. Does anyone know if this is the case? Their support is awful, but
> this would seem a bit of a backward step, and I don’t know whether to trust
> what I’m being told.
> The alternative is Skypopen, of course. But I notice that it has a maximum
> of 6 concurrent calls. Is this for resource reasons? I’m thinking of
> building a server to handle all Skype to SIP calls for our customers, so
> would be interested to know if it’s possible to bypass the limit with a
> beefy spec…?
> Thanks
> R
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