[Freeswitch-users] conference video cordinates position

Mirko Brankovic mirkobrankovic at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 18:45:33 MSD 2016


Was anyone trying to get events like video position in the vid-layout?
It would be cool to broadcast each video  cordinates in event (maybe on
each change)
so that we can get something like
[ALERT] mod_verto.c:5207 EVENT BROADCAST
FSevent.custom::conference::maintenance {
"eventChannel": "FSevent.custom::conference::maintenance",
"data": {
"Event-Name": "CUSTOM",
"Core-UUID": "c4c53039-e6fa-4515-adb4-ce14a8674687",
"Event-Subclass": "conference::maintenance",
"Conference-Name": "mirko",
"Conference-Size": "1",
"Conference-Ghosts": "0",
"Conference-Profile-Name": "test",
"Conference-Unique-ID": "2db98498-8d54-4c3c-be4a-df03ddbd92e9",


        globals.enable_presence = SWITCH_TRUE;
        globals.enable_fs_events = SWITCH_TRUE;

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