[Freeswitch-users] FS 1.6 multi-platform build without video

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Sun Nov 22 21:38:13 MSK 2015

1.4   is reaching EoL due to the ongoing difficulty of backporting many patches from the master and 1.6 branchs.


The 1.6 branch will build on other platforms. You mileage will vary (hint we’re already making and distributing RPMs for Centos7 via the FreeSWITCH Yum Repos)


The 1.6 branch builds on Windows.


What we have said is that if you want 100% full support the dependency chain for non-Debian platforms needs to be worked out. Centos6 is so old at this point, that many of the dependencies are out of date or just out right broken. We have in the FreeSWITCH Stash Server provided sources for everything we have had to update and package to get things building on Debian 8  and Centos7.


Centos7 also requires EPEL, Debian7 may work, but it requires backports and additional packages…


Other platforms such as Ubuntu we avoid due to numerous issues that the Core Team does not have the resources to track down all the issues as they all appear to be system library related. (same exact code on other distros is not broken, but it falls over on Ubuntu leaving nowhere to point but underlying libraries)


That being said on 1.6 some of the dependencies are required just for the core to build.


No one is saying that you cant use the other platforms, what the Core FS Team has been saying is that we (the Core Team) supports Debian 8 going forward as we recommended using Debian 7 before. The community is more than welcome to offer patches, documentation, etc. on the other platforms. This is why we have Jira for opening Tickets, Stash for Source Management where you can create your own fork and do Pull Requests, and Confluence where you can join the Docs Team and offer up additional documentation for the help of the entire community.


Let’s not Forget that FreeSWITCH the code base is Open Source, and yes the FreeSWITCH Team basically gives it away for free. However the entire Team has Families and bills that still need to get taken care of and there are only so many hours in a day.

If you as an individual want to help out Please Do. If you work at a business using FreeSWITCH, please get your management to contact consulting at freeswitch.org <mailto:consulting at freeswitch.org>  and start a discussion on sponsoring parts of FreeSWITCH or even a support agreement with the team. These things go a long way in helping not only the Core Team, but also in helping us secure addition resources to keep making the code and documentation better.





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Hi guys,


There are several threads going on about FS 1.4 end-of-life and the fact that 1.6 can currently only be built on the latest Debian.


I wonder if a compromise is possible.  


My understanding from previous discussions (please correct me if this is wrong) is that the reason for the Debian requirement is the new video related features that require some of the latest dependencies which are hard to figure out.


Would it be feasible/easy to create a build that would not have video features but would build on all the same platforms as 1.4?


If this is doable, then people who want to use the latest video feature would know that they need to either use Debian or do the legwork to port to their platform but everyone who just want the latest non-video features and bug fixes won't live in fear of 1.4 end-of-life.


Does the core team think it's possible?  I'd be happy to contribute to it with several of my support incidents or may be able to swing a reasonable bounty.


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