[Freeswitch-users] The FreeSWITCH 1.6.5 release is here!

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Sat Nov 21 02:59:01 MSK 2015

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The FreeSWITCH 1.6.5 release is here!
The FreeSWITCH 1.6.5 release is here! This release contains everything since version 1.6.2. This is a pretty big release for the 1.6 branch so upgrading now is a really good idea. This is a routine maintenance and security release and the resources are located here:

Release files are located here:

Tarball: http://ift.tt/219gl59

Packaging: http://ift.tt/1U8FMQN (Please Note the updated location for 1.6 packages)

Security issues:

A bug allowing for a remotely exploited DoS attack through custom crafted network traffic via cJSON has been fixed. We classify this issues as High Severity. A patch was added by Anthony Minessale in commit 4bdca81 to resolve this issue. All versions versions from 1.4.4 through the previous release are vulnerable. We highly recommend updating to the current release version as soon as possible.http://ift.tt/1S9TUXf

New features that were added:

FS-8243 [mod_opus] Improve the way FEC info is detected within frames by adding support for ptimes higher than 20 ms for FEC detection

FS-8161 [mod_opus] Keep FEC enabled only if loss > 10 ( otherwise PLC is supposed to be better)

FS-8179 [mod_opus] Improvement on new jitter buffer debugging (debug lookahead FEC)

FS-8313 [mod_opus] Introduced new configuration setting ‘decoder-stats’ to show decoder stats at end of call (how many times it did PLC or FEC)

FS-8254 [verto_communicator] Create a source map file

FS-8263 [verto_communicator] Created the reset banner action, floor and presenter badges, and lock icon in floorLocked status

FS-8288 [verto_communicator] Added an About screen with version information and links to FS.org and added a link to Confluence with documentation for VC

FS-8289 [verto_communicator] Make mute/unmute audio/video clickable

FS-8290 [verto_communicator] Automatically mark dedicated encoder if out/in bandwith isn’t set to ‘Server default’ and adding help text on how to enable dedicated remote encoder

FS-8030 [verto_communicator] Added ngSanitize as a dependency, vertoFilters module and picturify filter and changed chat image display behavior (break line before rendering).

FS-8293 [verto_communicator] Added built in speed test feature which gives feedback of available bandwidth and customizes call settings based on bandwidth available

FS-8401 [verto_communicator] Added Speaker selection in settings modal and video page and refactor the sinkid function into verto lib

FS-8545 [verto_communicator] Fixed a read lock regression and do not allow video floor on a member with a reservation id set

FS-8195 [core] Compatibility with Solaris 11 process privileges

FS-8547 [core] Add error log into stats to log when quality impacting events begin and end

FS-8321 [core] Add variable media_mix_inbound_outbound_codecs to mix inbound and outbound codecs. BEHAVIOR CHANGE

FS-8281 [core] Expose SRTP and SRTCP crypto keys as channel variables to aid with debugging

FS-8287 [mod_local_stream] Refactor local_stream API to be more consistent and add auto complete

FS-8375 [mod_conference] Add the field conferenceMemberID to the event broadcasted to inform a verto client about joining a conference.

FS-8543 [mod_conference] Improve mute handling on conference and WebRTC

FS-8545 [mod_conference][verto_communicator] Improve controls for screen share

FS-8546 [mod_conference][mod_verto] Make original video demo back-compatible with livearray-json-status

FS-8529 [mod_conference] Added video-floor to personal canvas mode

FS-8377 [mod_hiredis] Adding expanded support for limit_* functionality and fixed the handling of hiredis limit release when using an interval. The expectation for interval is to NOT decrement the limit.

FS-8380 [mod_av] Improve the handling of vw and vh core file parameters to avoid video cropping and crashing

FS-8415 [mod_sofia] Added support for early media with 180 using early_use_180=true

FS-8416 [mod_xml_radius] Added the ability to format the variable in the param field

FS-8534 [rtcp] Added calculated RTT average (RTCP SR) value to help with detecting congested network links

FS-8549 [mod_http_cache] Add support for AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables in S3 profiles

FS-8559 [mod_shout] Should have “mpga” in it’s list of supported extensions

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

FS-8236 [build] Fixed building without libyuv on compilers that throw an error on unused static function and fixed ifdefs for building without libyuv

FS-8350 [build] Fix Windows build errors.

FS-8389 [build] Fixed msvc 2015 build warnings

FS-8316 [build][Debian] Fixed new build warning from latest clang and resolved the build warnings in the modules too

FS-8255 [Debian] Fixed codename changes since Jessie was released as stable

FS-8271 [Debian] Simplify package building for the default case

FS-8270 [Debian] Fix for package installation failing if /etc/freeswitch/tls is missing

FS-8285 [Debian] Removed heart attack inducing warning message when updating deb packages

FS-7817 Removed use of _NONSTD for Windows builds of spandsp, so (hopefully) eliminate compatibility problem

FS-8271 [Debian] Adding some logging, and more cautious handling of spaces in parameters. Now the default will build packages with the upstream FS package repos. This is a change in the default behavior of the Debian packaging system with the justification that in 1.6 it is now required to use the FS public repo for dependencies because system dependencies have been removed from the FS codebase which used to be included. And defaulting to automatically download the binary dependencies because without major changes to package building in cowbuilder(which is the primary supported method of building FS packages), you can’t access the network to build the binary packages from the source package. If using system apt repo list, then include the supplementary ones too

FS-7928 FS-7618 [Debian] Systemd and package build improvements

FS-8362 [Debian] Now if you install with freeswitch-all you will get the default fonts too

FS-8426 [Debian] Put freeswitch.pm into /usr/share/perl5 so it can be found on both Wheezy and Jessie

FS-8333 [build][Debian] Added mod_hiredis.deb

ESL-111 [python] Fixed esl/python/Makefile to create install directory

FS-8233 [automation] In order to clean up build dependencies for the automated tests, convert the tests/*/Makefile.am into an include file for the top level Makefile.am. This will greatly simplify dependency tracking, and allow tests to be rerun easily on FS source code changes.

FS-7820 [automation] Use a more appropriate function for printing diagnostics

FS-8194 FS-7910 FS-7937 Various systemd service improvements

FS-8298 [mod_gsmopen] Fixed a build error

FS-8398 [Ubuntu] Added event_handlers/mod_amqp to avoided modules for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

FS-8239 [mod_av] Fixed the default value to avoid failed build on CentOS 7

FS-8427 [build][mod_av] Fixed an incompatible type for %ld in prinrtf compiler error

FS-8248 [mod_event_socket] Moved python binaries into site arch path to match standards

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-8221 [verto_communicator] Fix number in call history

FS-8223 [verto_communicator] Fixing members list layout when callerid is too long

FS-8225 [verto_communicator] Avoid duplicate members when recovering calls

FS-8214 [verto_communicator] Better handling calls in VC, answering them respecting useVideo param

FS-8291 [verto_communicator] Fixed contributors url

FS-8229 [verto_communicator] Changing moderator actions bullet menu color to #333

FS-8219 [verto_communicator] Fix for camera not deactivating after init or after hangup

FS-8245 [verto_communicator] Fix for Video Resolutions available in “Video Quality” drop down not always correct

FS-8251 [verto_communicator] Factory reset now clears all local storage

FS-8257 [verto_communicator] Fixed configuration provision url because configuration doesn’t work with `grunt serve` and non pathname urls

FS-8273 [verto] [verto_communicator] Clear the CF_RECOVERING flag in a spot that was missed

FS-8260 [verto_communicator] Prompt for banner text

FS-8067 [verto_communicator] When no email is present make sure mm is the default avatar in the circle this way the talk indicator works on PSTN and SIP callers.

FS-8247 [verto_communicator] When websocket disconnects go to splash screen to wait for the reconnect

FS-8300 [verto_communicator] Fixing reload bug so reloading twice is no longer needed

FS-8331 [verto_communicator] Do not show reconnect splash when user has clicked logout

FS-8365 [verto_communicator] Fixed a bug with the chat notifications not going away unless you exited and came back to it

FS-8336 [verto_communicator] Updating mic and video overlay controls upon receiving member update from live array and use conferenceMemberID when checking if the updated member is the local user

FS-8222 [verto_communicator] Updated getScreenId.js in order to detect plugin issues and attached an ‘ended’ event to screenshare stream in order to detect ‘stop sharing’ click

FS-8542 [verto_communicator] Fixed the tooltips of video controls

FS-8556 [mod_verto] Screen shares are not recoverable so do not try

FS-8293 [mod_verto] Fixed some regressions where speed test caused excessive downlink bandwidth

FS-8232 [mod_conference] Conference sending too many video refresh requests

FS-8241 [mod_conference] Fix for conference stops playing video when local_stream changes source

FS-8261 [mod_conference] Fixed the conference segfaulting when trying to reset the banner

FS-8297 [mod_conference] A fix for auto STUN switching IPs quickly and WebRTC video not working

FS-8130 [mod_conference] Fix for micro cut-offs and unstable voice issues and fixed a regression causing excessive mark bit detection in some cases

FS-8317 [mod_conference] Fix for playing multiple files at once to stack them for immediate playback, sometimes breaking and the floor layer becoming unusable for the rest of the conference.

FS-8328 [mod_conference] Fixed missing ‘else’ keyword

FS-8307 [mod_conference] Fixed an issue with the order of codecs causing loss of RTP stream

FS-8280 [mod_conference] Fixed an issue with FS sending redundant stop-recording event notifications

FS-8384 [mod_conference] Fixed some locking contention issues between external commands and the video engine

FS-8527 [mod_conference] Do not send the video of last_video_floor_holder to video_floor_holder if the videos are related

FS-8053 [mod_conference][mod_sofia] Fix for WebRTC’s SDP containing a=sendonly for video, but the client still receiving the video stream

FS-8220 [core] Fix for DTMF not working between telephone-event/48000 A leg and telephone-event/8000 B leg

FS-8166 [core] Mute/unmute while shout is playing audio fails because the channel “has a media bug, hard mute not allowed”

FS-8252 [core] Fixed a crash in rtp stack on dtls pointer

FS-8283 [core] Handle RTP Contributing Source Identifiers (CSRC)

FS-8275 [core] Fix for broken DTMF

FS-8282 [core] Fix for sleep is not allowing interruption by uuid_transfer

FS-8315 [core] Fix for rtp_media_timeout not working

FS-8304 [core] Fix for choppy audio during calls

FS-8320 [core] Fixed broken ZRTP not responding to HELLO packet

FS-8338 [core] Fix for ringback not working correctly on stereo channels. Also fixed an issue when setting the ringback variable with an outbound call via the bridge app, if the inbound leg is stereo the ringback tone is still rendered as mono causing the resulting ringback to be higher pitched and incorrect.

FS-8366 [core] Fixed a segfault in rxfax

FS-8275 [core] Fixed an issue with broken RFC2833 DTMF

FS-8368 [core] Reduce logging for audio/video sync because some call lines were repeating too often for callers in a conference

FS-8372 [core] Fixed a no media bug caused by sofia sending the wrong response to RTP/SAVPF without DTLS

FS-8381 [core] Reset jitter buffer if period loss is too high

FS-8382 [core] Fixed a segfault with inbound-proxy-media enabled

FS-8397 [core] Fixed a race condition incrementing the event-sequence number

FS-8154 [core] Fixed a segmentation fault occurring while eavesdropping on video call

FS-8391 [core] Fixed a SDP parsing error for rtcp-fb

FS-8414 [core] Fixed ptime not updating on codec renegotiation causing audio issues between two legs of a call

FS-8417 [core] Fixed SIP offering a=sendonly sometimes replying with a=inactive

FS-8404 [core] Media engine will default to PCMU/PCMA if you don’t specify any codecs

FS-8411 [core] Replace ping_frame with video_ping_frame in a couple places that were missed causing issues like being unable to record just one side of a video call

FS-8425 [core] Fix for DTMF sometimes missed on PSTN call

FS-8240 [mod_local_stream] Fixed a/v getting out of sync when running in the background and added video profile parameter for recording 264 and made it default

FS-8287 [mod_local_stream] Fixed a segfault from refactor

FS-8216 [mod_av] Fixed a regression in hup_local_stream from last commit

FS-8274 [mod_av] Fixed a memory leak caused by images not being freed in video_thread_run

FS-8318 [mod_av] Fix for recording being out of sync when video from chrome has packet loss

FS-8392 [mod_av] Fixed rtpmap to allow both H263 and H263+ codecs to be offered

FS-8373 [mod_av] Fix for bad recording quality when using fast encoding

FS-8256 [mod_opus] More FMTP cleanup

FS-8284 [mod_opus] Use use-dtx setting from config in request to callee.

FS-8234 [mod_opus] Send correct (configured) fmtp ptime,minptime,maxptime when originating call

FS-8243 [mod_opus] Adding back the missing part removed in 8b088c2 so FEC works in most surroundings

FS-8295 [mod_opus] FMTP fixes to continue the cleanup of FEC

FS-8302 [mod_opus] Fix some printing/logging because switch_opus_show_audio_bandwidth() was not returning TRUE/FALSE as expected

FS-8130 FS-8305 [mod_opus] Fix some warnings and errors caused by dtx and/or jittery webrtc, refactor of last patch, and add suppression of scary harmless message about opus FEC

FS-8296 [mod_opus] Improve the way Opus is initialized when a call comes in

FS-8179 [mod_opus] Fixed a regression setting fec_decode breaking output on stereo calls

FS-8287 [mod_opus] Fixed a segfault from refactor

FS-8319 [mod_opus] Fixed and cleaned up switch_opus_has_fec() and switch_opus_info() to avoid FALSE positives for packets with FEC at high frame sizes.

FS-8344 [mod_opus] Toggle FEC ON only on the last frame which is to be packed

FS-7929 [mod_sofia] Fixed an issue when processing SIP messages while using camp-on

FS-6833 [mod_sofia] Add content-type header to ack with sdp

FS-6834 [mod_sofia] Found and fixed a few missing content-types in requests/responses with SDP that were outside the norm

FS-7834 [mod_sofia] Fixed MOH not working with inbound-bypass-media and resume-media-on-hold

FS-8115 [mod_sofia] Disabled unnecessary session timer re-invites for webrtc

FS-8536 [mod_sofia] Update to send Keyframe when getting SIP INFO with picture_fast_update

FS-7989 [fixbug.pl] Escape double quotes from summary and added more debugging data

FS-8246 [mod_json_cdr] Use seconds as default value for delay parameter

FS-8308 [mod_format_cdr] Fix to double encode if urlencoding json that is already encoded

FS-8311 [mod_voicemail] Fix for leave-message event not containing verbose data for a forwarded voicemail

FS-8306 [mod_amqp] If the exchange doesn’t exist, then create it, else fail. This resolves several error cases. And now command queues can specify the queue to subscribe to. This enables very interesting use cases that would involve single job queue, and multiple consumers.

FS-8335 [mod_easyroute] Fixed a small error check that results in error message not being displayed

FS-8378 [mod_esf] [core] Fixed a crash when using esf_page over loopback when transcoding and added tests for esf over loopback. Also refactor a bit to clarify code and get better debug in gdb

FS-8370 [mod_rayo] Fixed another place in where a message was freed after being queued for delivery. This resulted in a freed object being serialized, crashing FS

FS-8413 [mod_lua] Fixed a segfault calling session:getVariable(nil) in lua script.

FS-8537 [mod_lua] Fixed a segfault caused by passing nil to various lua functions

OPENZAP-240 [mod_freetdm] Fixed a failure to parse caused by using incorrect length when parsing AT responses

OPENZAP-238 [mod_freetdm] Several core and gsm improvements including fixing signaling status reporting, a small memory leak, fixing caller id and dnis on inbound calls, span stop functionality, and compilation errors in gcc

FS-8553 [configuration] Include verto_contact into the dial-string in the samples

FS-8363 [configuration] Don’t register gateways from directory because it registers over what appears to be ipv6 but doesn’t work correctly

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