[Freeswitch-users] The FreeSWITCH 1.4.26 release is here!

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Sat Nov 21 02:58:57 MSK 2015

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The FreeSWITCH 1.4.26 release is here!
The FreeSWITCH 1.4.26 release is here! This release contains everything since version 1.4.23. And this is a pretty big release and one of the final routine maintenance releases for the 1.4 branch  so upgrading now is a really good idea.

The FreeSWITCH 1.4 branch is reaching end of life and the FreeSWITCH Team highly recommends beginning your migration to the 1.6 branch.

This is a routine maintenance and security release and the resources are located here:

Tarballs: http://ift.tt/1S9TSPa

Packaging: http://ift.tt/1U8FMQN

Security issues:

A bug allowing for a remotely exploited DoS attack through custom crafted network traffic via cJSON has been fixed. We classify this issues as High Severity. A patch was added by Anthony Minessale in commit 4bdca81 to resolve this issue. All versions versions from 1.4.4 through the previous release are vulnerable. We highly recommend updating to the current release version as soon as possible.http://ift.tt/1S9TUXf

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

FS-8269 [mod_sms] Fixed a build issue

FS-8244 [mod_dptools] Fixed a compilation issue

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-8246 [mod_json_cdr] Use seconds as default value for delay parameter

FS-8282 [core] Fix for sleep is not allowing interruption by uuid_transfer

FS-8166 [core] Mute/unmute while shout is playing audio fails because the channel “has a media bug, hard mute not allowed”

FS-8338 [core] Fix for ringback not working correctly on stereo channels and an issue when setting the ringback variable with an outbound call via the bridge app, if the inbound leg is stereo the ringback tone is still rendered as mono causing the resulting ringback to be higher pitched and incorrect.

FS-8215 Fixed the accuracy of MacOSX nanosleep

FS-7673 [mod_v8] ODBC NULL value incorrectly evaluated

FS-8190 [mod_event_socket] When using nixevent, freeswitch stops sending us certain custom event that were NOT part of the nixevent command

stereo the ringback tone is still rendered as mono causing the resulting ringback to be higher pitched and incorrect.

FS-8354 [mod_conference] Reverted a back ported patch for rate change detection because it introduced a regression that caused an audio issue

FS-8335 [mod_easyroute] Fixed a small error check that results in error message not being displayed

FS-8370 [mod_rayo] Fixed another place in where a message was freed after being queued for delivery. This resulted in a freed object being serialized, crashing FS

FS-8378 [mod_esf] [core] Fixed a crash when using esf_page over loopback when transcoding and added tests for esf over loopback. Also refactor a bit to clarify code and get better debug in gdb

FS-8308 [mod_format_cdr] Fix to double encode if urlencoding json that is already encoded

FS-8413 [mod_lua] Fixed a segfault calling session:getVariable(nil) in lua script.

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