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Ola Bäckström Ola.Backstrom at loxysoft.se
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Your example to enable jitter buffering uses the letter ”p”. Is that a typo or does it indeed mean something?
>  You can enable the Jitter Buffer in the dial plan:
>  <action application="set" data="jitterbuffer_msec=2p:25p:"/>

I see no such usage in the documentation at https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/JitterBuffer , but just “60:200:20”.

Best regards

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Hi Josh,

Use FS master, it has a new audio Jitter Buffer.

Then you can use Opus with this setting in the codec config:
<param name="use-jb-lookahead" value="1"/> .
The other side must be sending FEC so you could profit from it.

You can enable the Jitter Buffer in the dial plan:
<action application="set" data="jitterbuffer_msec=2p:25p:"/>
And then enable PLC :
<action application="set" data="rtp_jitter_buffer_plc=true"/>


On 11/12/2015 07:51 AM, Josh Richesin wrote:
I am running FreeSwitch for our small Wireless ISP.   Obviously, as a wireless ISP and ITSP, we have a lot of jitter and some packet loss.  Have a few questions for this setup.
1) What is the best codec to use when there is going to be jitter and some packetloss?
2) The ATA's that we are using have adaptive jitter buffers, should I enable jitterbuffer on Freeswitch as well?  If so, should it be via sofia profiles?
The problem that I am trying to solve is this...
Our voice customers on our freeswitch have a lot of issues with "calls breaking up"  When they use another voice provider, like say vonage or something running off of a metaswitch, they do not have the same issues.
Any help with this would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.


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