[Freeswitch-users] Dial plan transition in freeSWITCH using MOD_XML_CURL

david.fu at oocl.com david.fu at oocl.com
Tue Nov 3 05:11:39 MSK 2015

Hi FreeSWITCH experts,

We would like to use MOD_XML_CURL to send HTTP request to application server which  returns  dial plan to freeSWTICH.  Let's say we have 2 dial plans in the application server. We would like the MOD_XML_CURL to get the first dial plan and then submit request to application server again to get the second dial plan. Is it possible to implement it in freeSWTICH ? Is there any SUMBIT function  implemented in dial plan so that the first dial plan could ask MOD_XML_CURL to get the second one ? Thanks.

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