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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) October 24th-October 31st
FreeSWITCH got some neat improvements this week with work going into improving the handling of vw and vh core file parameters in mod_av to avoid video cropping and crashing, the addition of a new configuration setting in mod_opus to show the decoder stats at the end of the call, and exposing SRTP and SRTCP crypto keys as channel variables to help with debugging.

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New features that were added:

FS-8281 [core] Expose SRTP and SRTCP crypto keys as channel variables to aid with debugging

FS-8313 [mod_opus] Introduced new configuration setting ‘decoder-stats’ to show decoder stats at end of call (how many times it did PLC or FEC)

FS-8380 [mod_av] Improve the handling of vw and vh core file parameters to avoid video cropping and crashing

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

FS-8389 [build] Fixed msvc 2015 build warnings

FS-8398 [Ubuntu] Added event_handlers/mod_amqp to avoided modules for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-8222 [verto_communicator] Updated getScreenId.js in order to detect plugin issues and attached an ‘ended’ event to screenshare stream in order to detect ‘stop sharing’ click

FS-8392 [mod_av] Fixed rtpmap to allow both H263 and H263+ codecs to be offered

FS-8373 [mod_av] Fix for bad recording quality when using fast encoding

FS-8397 [core] Fixed a race condition incrementing the event-sequence number

FS-8154 [core] Fixed a segmentation fault occurring while eavesdropping on video call

FS-8391 [core] Fixed a SDP parsing error for rtcp-fb

FS-8319 [mod_opus] Fixed and cleaned up switch_opus_has_fec() and switch_opus_info() to avoid FALSE positives for packets with FEC at high frame sizes.

FS-8344 [mod_opus] Toggle FEC ON only on the last frame which is to be packed

The FreeSWITCH 1.4 branch had a few bug fixes added this week.

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-8338 [core] Fixed an issue when setting the ringback variable with an outbound call via the bridge app, if the inbound leg is stereo the ringback tone is still rendered as mono causing the resulting ringback to be higher pitched and incorrect.

FS-8378 [mod_esf] [core] Fixed a crash when using esf_page over loopback when transcoding and added tests for esf over loopback. Also refactor a bit to clarify code and get better debug in gdb

FS-8370 [mod_rayo] Fixed another place in where a message was freed after being queued for delivery. This resulted in a freed object being serialized, crashing FS

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