[Freeswitch-users] disposition of b-leg when call is not bridged

Darcy Primrose fs at voice2net.ca
Fri Jun 26 08:23:02 MSD 2015

I have been searching for a way to get the b-leg disposition of a call to handle messaging for calls such as unallocated_number but I am having no success.
I have set continue_on_fail=true and hangup_after_bridge=false so I can look at the originate_disposition after the bridge either is successful or fails.  Everything I read points to this not being possible, does anyone know if this is not possible or is there another way.  

When we call our gateway to an unallocated_number it returns 404, but I cannot seem to get access to this message to play the proper instructions to the end user, but the ip phone does get a 404, however, users are not sip savvy so I need to interrupt this to play a message before disconnect.

Darcy Primrose
voice2net corp
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