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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) June 13th-19th
Hello, again. This passed week in the FreeSWITCH master branch we had 94 commits! We had a large amount of work done this week and a few of the highlights are: added mod_local_stream video support, added member status in json format to the conference live array, added function to enable debug information about Opus payload, and a security issue concerning enabling cert CN/SAN validation.

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Security issues:FS-7708 Fixed docs on enabling cert CN/SAN validation

New features that were added:FS-7656 [mod_localstream] Added mod_local_stream video support, and make mod_conference move the video in and out of a layer when the stream has video or not, scan for relative file in art/eg.wav.png and display it as video when playing audio files, put video banner up if artist or title is set, and fixed a/v sync on first connectionFS-7629 [mod_conference] Added member status in json format to the conference live array, add livearray-json-status to conference-flags to enableFS-7517 FS-7519 [mod_av] [mod_openh264] Added H264 STAP-A packeting support so it would work with FireFoxFS-7664 [mod_verto] Set ICE candidate timeout to wait for only 1 second to fix media delaysFS-7660 [mod_opus] Enabled with new API command “opus_debug” to show information about Opus payload for debugging.FS-7519 [mod_av] Fixed bitrate and added some presetsFS-7693 [mod_conference] Lower the default energy level in sample configs to improve voice quality

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:FS-7648 More work toward setting up a QA testing configuration, add condition testing for regex all and xor cases, adding profile-variable for testing cases , add lipsync tests for playback and local stream, add stereo, and configuration for mcu testFS-7338 Fixed bug in Debian packaging when trying to build against custom repoFS-7609 Enable building of mod_sangoma_codec for Debian Wheezy/JessieFS-7667 [mod_java] Fixed include directory detection when using Debian java packages and use detected directoryFS-7655 Make libvpx and libyuv optional (none of the video features will work without them) The following modules require these libraries to be installed still: mod_av mod_cv mod_fsv mod_mp4v2 mod_openh264 mod_vpx mod_imagick mod_vpx mod_yuv mod_png mod_vlc, fix build issue w/ strict prototypes, and fix a few functions that need to be disabled without YUVFS-7605 Fixed default configuration directory in Debian packages and fixed Debian packaging dependencies on libyuv and libvpxFS-7669 When installing from Debian packaging if you don’t have the /etc/freeswitch directory, we will install the default packages for you. If you already have this directory, we’ll let you deal with your own configs.FS-7297 [mod_com_g729] Updated the make target installerFS-7644 Added a working windows build without video support for msvc 2013FS-7666 [mod_managed] Fixed error building mod_managed on non windows platforms

The following bugs were squashed:FS-7641 Fixed a segfault in eavesdrop video supportFS-7649 [mod_verto] Fixed issue with h264 codec not being configured in verto.conf.xmlFS-7657 [mod_verto] Fixed a bug with TURN not being used. Note, you can pass an array of stun servers, including TURN, to the verto when you start it up. (see verto.js where iceServers is passed)FS-7665 [mod_conference] Fixed a bug with the video floor settings not giving the video floor to the speakerFS-7650 [mod_verto] Fixed crash when making a call from a verto user with profile-variables in their user profileFS-7710 [mod_conference] Added the ability to set bandwidth to “auto” for conference configFS-7432 Fixed dtls/srtp, use correct a=setup parameter on recovering channelsFS-7678 Fixed for fail_on_single_reject not working with | bridgeFS-7709 [mod_verto] Verto compatibility fixes for FirefoxFS-7689 [mod_lua] Fixed a bug with lua not loading directory configurationsFS-7694 [mod_av] Fixed for leaking file handles when the file is closed.

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