[Freeswitch-users] Noise Detection

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Fri Jun 12 03:27:10 MSD 2015

You might want to check out using a conference. The mod_conference module
can emit a number of different events, including start talking and stop
talking events. I would recommend that you add the channel to a conference
room and then monitor the conference::maintenance events as sound is
received on the channel.

If it works then you might even be able to have multiple conference members
for different areas of the house. That could possibly let you narrow down
where in the house the noise is occurring by observing which conference
member is 'talking.'


On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 7:55 AM, Menachem Fish <menachem at machshevet.com>

> hi everyone
> im trying to implement noise detection in freeswitch (as a
> house-monitoring system)
> id like to know when any noise occurs on the line so it can alert me by
> email etc.
> ive done the following settings
>                         SwitchExecute("set", "fire_talk_events=true",
> swchEvnt.ChannelCallUUID)
>                         SwitchExecute("set", "rtp_enable_vad_in=true",
> swchEvnt.ChannelCallUUID)
> (SwitchExecute just calls esl.Execute)
> i am getting "Talk" events in  my log, but they do not seem to be related
> in any way to actual noise. maybe random, maybe when i press a dtmf (seems
> to be generating talk events)
> in any case, talking to the phone does not generate any talk events
> i am not setting vad=both or anything like that since i do not want the
> phone to disconnect or something upon silence. or did i get this wrong?
> any ideas?
> additional, id like it to generate events on any noise, not specifically
> human voice speaking
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