[Freeswitch-users] Noise Detection

Menachem Fish menachem at machshevet.com
Thu Jun 11 18:55:51 MSD 2015

hi everyone
im trying to implement noise detection in freeswitch (as a house-monitoring
id like to know when any noise occurs on the line so it can alert me by
email etc.
ive done the following settings

                        SwitchExecute("set", "fire_talk_events=true",
                        SwitchExecute("set", "rtp_enable_vad_in=true",

(SwitchExecute just calls esl.Execute)

i am getting "Talk" events in  my log, but they do not seem to be related
in any way to actual noise. maybe random, maybe when i press a dtmf (seems
to be generating talk events)

in any case, talking to the phone does not generate any talk events

i am not setting vad=both or anything like that since i do not want the
phone to disconnect or something upon silence. or did i get this wrong?

any ideas?

additional, id like it to generate events on any noise, not specifically
human voice speaking

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