[Freeswitch-users] how to trigger a notify-msg to a certain phone?

wiebittewas wiebittewas at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 2 09:00:07 MSD 2015


I'm new with freeswitch and have really searched the last days for an howto or working example, to send a notify-msg to a user, but haven't found anything working.
so I'll try my luck here before trying to debug freeswitch-code (which may take a lot of time)...

as I understand, the right way to create such msgs manually is by using the event-socket with the cmd sendevent.

accessing localhost on port 8021 with netcat brings me to the point to enter header+body of such a msg, but even I get an OK from freeswitch and sees the created event on another connected netcat, freeswitch does not send anything to the requested destination.

concrete situation is:

freeswitch sits at

a user named 100 at fs.priv is connected from a phone with the ip and should get a msg for blf.

(I haven't found really nothing about configuring blf in freeswitch, so I have to try it this way, when I'm able to send msgs, the I'll be able to control the blf)

so I tried it in many ways like:

sendevent NOTIFY
event-string: check-sync;reboot=false
user: u100
host: fs.priv
content-type: application/simple-message-sumary
to-uri: sip:u100 at fs.priv
from-uri: sip:u110 at fs.priv

with multiple variations (ip instead of hostname, ip of phone for host-header and also other event-headers a.s.o.), but there's really nothing send by freeswitch to network.
using a event like:

sendevent message_waiting
MWI-Messages-Waiting: yes
MWI-Message-Account: sip:100 at fs.priv

gets sent on to the network and triggers the msg-led on the phone, so I think that the way seems to be right.

so, can anyone tell me, how I get the NOTIFY-event out of freeswitch on to the network?
is the msg wrong? how should it be?
do I have to trigger with another cmd, to send it or do I have to configure certain things in freeswitch to get it working?

I'm using debian7 32bit with recent freeswitch from freeswitch.org-repository: FreeSWITCH version: 1.4.18-3-1~32bit (-3-1 32bit)



P.S.: I don't always have mail-access these days, so if there're any additional information, which you need from me, it may take a bit, until I can give it.

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