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Magnus Kelly magnus.kelly at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 23:56:07 MSK 2015

Hello Guys,

Couple of questions on the dtmf masking function that was created/extended
recently  - is it possible to use half way through a call ? - in terms of
invoking the DTMF masking by  initiating dtmf as in the below dial plan,
and associated features.xml entry - would the call be able to start as
normal and then on demand mask dumf?

<extension name="dtmftest">

      <condition field="destination_number" expression=""^(\d+)$"">

    <action application="export" data="dialed_extension=$1"/>

    <action application="bind_meta_app" data="1 a s
execute_extension::stopdtmf XML features"/>

    <action application="set" data="call_timeout=30"/>

    <action application="set" data="hangup_after_bridge=true"/>

    <action application="set" data="continue_on_fail=true"/>

    <action application="bridge" data="sofia/$1 at 10. <1 at>x.x.x"/>

    <action application="answer"/>

    <action application="sleep" data="1000"/>



and an entry in features.xml as in -


  <context name="features">

        <!-- StopDTMF on the B leg (Overwrite) -->

        <extension name="stopdtmf">

      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^stopdtmf$">

        <action application="export" data="nolocal:drop_dtmf=true"/>

        <action application="export"




I guess then I would need an alternative bind digit to turn the feature
feature off again? Is this possible or is this only selectable at bridge
time? Any thoughts?


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