[Freeswitch-users] Make conference play command async based on when prompt finishes

Ignacio Durli ignaciodurli at cinchcast.com
Fri Jan 16 01:42:26 MSK 2015


Our application interacts with freeswitch both using api commands and event socket library for receiving events in an IVR application. One of our requirements is to continue with IVR flow once a prompt has finished. Prompts are being played using the "conference <confname> play <file_path> [<async>|<member_id>]". We found that FS response comes immediately after the play starts.

Although we found that an event arrives when the prompt ends, we don't find convenient to have that resolved on the code that is receiving the events and would like to have something that returns once the prompt is finished.

Is there any way to susbscribe an api call in a way that returns once a specific event happens?
What's the difference between using or not the "async" param in the "conference play" api call?
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