[Freeswitch-users] how can i keep A-LEG do not hangup

Andrew aademattia at comcast.net
Thu Jan 15 16:27:00 MSK 2015

This may be able to help you but I set session.SetAutoHangup(false);

This will stop the dial plan from ending.


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     recently i write a small program based freeswitch, in this program i
only do things like callcenter mod,

here is what i do:


   1. originate a call (" originate sofia/gateway/gw01/xxxx my-out-call XML
default"), in the default.xml,

      i already config it as follow:


           <extension name="my-call-out">

 65         <condition field="destination_number"

 66             <action application="socket" data=" async

 67             <!--    <action application="log" data="This is

 68                         <action application="answer" />

 69             <action application="playback"


 71             <action application="park" data=""/> -->

 72         </condition>

 73     </extension>


    2.  when call-out-destination customer pick up the call, i control the
flow to playback a wav file, then ,

         bridge the call to a free agent while the wav file play over in

         these steps run normally ok.


   3. the question is : if i have two agent in one moment, and this time i
have 3 or > 3  out-call to bridge, 

       i'll leave the other call do nothing,for i can not get more free
agents to service; some special scene

      is i have two agents (A1,A2) service 3 call (C1,C2,C3), A1 service C1,
A2 service C2,then C3 is only 

      A-LEG when play over a wav file,about 100 seconds later, C3 is
hangup(it's not user hangup manually),

     how can i do make the C3 call not hangup until i get a free agent to
service it?



 any suggest is appreciate,




    ax.lyb.lei at gmail.com <mailto:ax.lyb.lei at gmail.com> 


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