[Freeswitch-users] Canceling sched_hangup and UUID lookup

Kurtis Heimerl kheimerl at cs.berkeley.edu
Sat Jan 3 00:53:36 MSK 2015

Hello Freeswitch-users,

I'm building a group billing solution for our freeswitch system. Our
account management is external, so I need to make something custom. I have
two questions about how to do some stuff in FS.

1) I know how to limit call length (sched_hangup). I can query an external
account via REST to see how many credits they have and limit the call with
that. However, when a second user on the same account calls in, I need to
change that timeout. Is there a way to cancel a sched_hangup? I found
sched_cancel, but that seems to be for broadcasts and transfers, neither of
which I'm doing. I *guess* I could transfer to a hangup extension instead
of hanging up...  but that seems awful ugly.

2) Is there a way to "tag" a call (uuid) with an arbitrary text string and
then look it up by that? That would allow me to tag each call with the
account name and later get all calls under that account.

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