[Freeswitch-users] Opus codec issue

jonathan augenstine jaugenstine at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 23:44:01 MSD 2014

I have been working with WebRTC and utilizing the opus codec.  The sound
quality on calls is great.  I have been encountering some file issues
however and want to get some input on how to best proceed.  When the call
is has both ends in Opus, or if Freeswitch is transcoding the call has no
issues.  The only issues I encounter are the following.

1. fs_encode fails to create a valid opus file
When fs_encode executes, you do see mod_opus load successfully.  However,
the file that is created cannot be read by opus.org utilities, specifically

The command line I use is:
fs_encode -l mod_opus infile.wav outfile.opus

2. Streaming a file that is encoded in opus format fails
If I encode a file using opus.org tools, opusenc, I have a valid opus file
and I am able to open it with other audio applications.  If I call into
freeswitch and try to stream out that file, there is no error reported in
the console logs, but the audio heard is garbled.

Basically the mod_opus appears to work but reading, writing files appears
to have an issue.

My questions.
1. Is there anything I might have configured incorrectly?
2. What information can I grab to help troubleshoot this issue?

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