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Guilherme Dantas guilherme.dantas at inovax.com.br
Fri Sep 26 21:22:22 MSD 2014

Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for the response! So I am going to use the newest version (2012 R2).



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Why start a new project with 4/5 year old OS?

If you install MS OSs from Windows 2000 on to 2012 on identical software and run SMP benchmarks, you will find that the scores improve with each newer OS.  This is because MS has constantly tweaked and perfected the OS to take advantage of the ever increasing number of CPUs and cores in modern hardware.  FreeSwitch is highly multithreaded and works great with many cores.  I would go with Server2012 just for this reason.

Now, if you already have the 2008 licenses and not the 2012, then you might want to go with those, since the performance difference will probably not be that great as to justify the expense.



On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Guilherme Dantas <guilherme.dantas at inovax.com.br> wrote:

Hello Andre,

Would you have a reason for your choice?

Thank you for the answer,
Guilherme Vieira Dantas


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We use 2012 r2 standard.


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I am new at this mail list, so I don`t know how to check if this question was asked before (if yes, I am sorry)

Which of these two Windows Server versions would be better to use with the Freeswitch?

-          Windows server 2008 R2 or…

-          Windows server 2012


Thanks in advance,



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