[Freeswitch-users] Difference between freeswitch.bridge and uuid_bridge, Blocking/ non-blocking bridge

Shreejisandy shreejisandy at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 13:21:39 MSD 2014

Hello everyone,

I want to play some audio file to both the legs might be same or different,

1st option:
i can do it by using uuid_bridge, audio file playback can be done using
uuid_broadcast or sched_broadcast with +0. But using uuid bridge, the audio
is not flowing correctly from B-leg to A-leg. while the audio flows
flawless other ways(A-B leg). Also the audio file that i am playing to both
legs are perfectly heard with out any problem. and after the audio
playback, its the same audio flowing issue from B-A leg.

2nd option:
or i can schedule it using sched_broadcast, if i am using freeswitch.bridge
which is blocking in nature. Using this approach, There is no complaint of
audio between call legs or playback of audio file.

Hence i wanted to understand which bridge is better to use? and what is the
difference between the two bridges?

Any help is appreciated.
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