[Freeswitch-users] FreeSwitch Esl doesn't connect

ifink at machshevet.com ifink at machshevet.com
Wed Sep 3 17:41:25 MSD 2014

In order to connect to FreeSwitch, we have made a .Net service with Esl whose connect to FreeSwitch and to send and receive events to can handle them in code.

It all works fine on our computer, we do connect to a remote server where FreeSwitch is installed.  the connection succeeded very fine, and we get all the events.

The problem occurs on the remote server, if we try to install the service on the remote computer where the FreeSwitch is installed, it does not success, when we check the Connect Property is always returns 0. 

The same thing with the same credentials does work on my computer but not on the server.

Have someone any idea? is there a way to debug the Esl to see under the hood why it does not succeed?

Israel Fink - Developer
Machshevet team
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