[Freeswitch-users] fs_path with a 'transport' parameter

Yuriy Nasida nasida at live.ru
Thu Oct 9 17:20:02 MSD 2014

Thanks for instruction,  DanB, really very appreciate!
but... unfrtunately in my case opensips just added transport=tls ro RURI but stil send to endpoint via UDP.

In sip debug i see
U 2014/10/09 09:02:38.060324 opensips_IP:5060 -> endpoint_IP:51584
INVITE sip:username at endpoint_IP:51584;transport=tls SIP/2.0.
But It is UDP. I checked opensips logs and don't see even attempt to use TLS.

May be I miss something. I have configured TLS server side on opensips and able to receive TLS from startpoint on opensips side and 
this way I can register my softphones and even do outbound calls via TLS. I keep registrations on FS.

It works fine:
startpoint ---TLS--->opensisp----UDP--->FS

but here i have problem becasue opensips can not send to enpoint via TLS

This way inbound calls doesnt worl.
Not sure but may be I have to configure something additional on opensisp to have possibility to send via TLS if RURI will have transport=tls

Please advice.

> Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 09:17:44 +0200
> From: danb.lists at gmail.com
> To: freeswitch-users at lists.freeswitch.org
> Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] fs_path with a 'transport' parameter
> Yuriy,
> You should not need to select the socket from where you send out your 
> request in OpenSIPS.
> Just do something like this:
>   * Remove previous transport parameter from ruri (for the case it was 
> added by fs_path). Have the feeling it will work also without removing 
> since opensips will overwrite.
>   * Add a new transport parameter with what you got in your private 
> header as transport in ruri params.
> """if is_present_hf("X-EpTransport") $ru = $ru + ";transport=" + 
> $hdr(X-EpTransport);"""
>   * Remove the private header.
>   * Relay the request as you did previously, things should automatically 
> work out for you due to transport param.
> Cheers,
> DanB
> On 09.10.2014 02:13, freeswitch-users-request at lists.freeswitch.org wrote:
> > Thanks for the good advice, DanB!
> > I thought about this to be honest.
> > Yes, FS can add header with  X-EndpointTransport: tls and opensisp can detect this.
> > But... I am still not sure how  let opensips know that it should use tls instead of udp for invite to endpoint.
> > I tried to use
> > force_send_socket(tls:my_IP:5061);
> > But looks like I can't convert transport by this.
> >
> > Will try to send by
> > t_relay("tls:");
> >
> > Probably it is the question more for opensips list in this case but It is related I hope.
> >
> > Will be grateful for advice
> > Thanks
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