[Freeswitch-users] Hook flash/ flash support in FreeTDM

Kalyani Kulkarni kalyaneekulkarni at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 16:21:14 MSD 2014


I have a Sangoma A200 with 2 FXS and 2 FXO ports plugged into FreeSwitch
and configured through wanpipe and FreeTDM. Incoming and outgoing calls
work fine controlled through ESL.
FS version is 1.4.8
wanpipe driver: 7.0.8
libsng_isdn: 7.29.0 for x86_64 machine
OS: centos 6.4

I'm testing call hold/swap functionality. I'm using send_dtmf api to send
'F' followed by the number to simulate flash and dial a number on FXO line
but the FS log shows following error:

2014-09-10 11:13:29.425811 [DEBUG] ftdm_io.c:3983 [s2c1][1:1] Generating
DTMF [F1xxxxxx6146]
2014-09-10 11:13:29.425811 [ERR] ftmod_wanpipe.c:909 [s2c1][1:1] Wanpipe
failed to execute command 18: Success
2014-09-10 11:13:29.425811 [ERR] ftdm_io.c:3576 I/O backend does not
support command 18!

command 18 corresponds to FTDM_COMMAND_FLASH but looks like it is not
supported. On FS mailing list I saw one post where it was mentioned that
this support is present but not clear whether it works end to end (
What could be wrong? I've set analog-options in freetdm.conf.xml.

Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions?

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