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Massimo Varriale mvar78 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 13:48:00 MSD 2014

Hi All!
I have a rock solid 1.4 Freeswitch installation for which I decided to save CDRs directly into a MongoDB "database" (2.6).

What I found is that sometimes some CDRs are not written to the DB and I do not have any alert log...scary! 
How did I found that some CDRs are not written? Because I was making some test calls tracing with Wireshark and later on I was checking those CDRs into the MongoDB database...but no CDRs found for 2 calls on my tests...again scary!

I've read some documentation regarding the Mongo way to ACK and notify the client making insert about succesful/failed insert (in this case Mod_cdr_mongodb), but is there a way for having the Mod_cdr_mongodb to log failed insert into a text file so I can check/insert them later?
For example something like that:

# cat mongo.failed.log

db.cdr.insert([{ _id: 20, sip_call_id: "b3fc6282-c584-1232-5b8e-782bcb67544e", billsec: 50, duration: 65 ............................. },], { ordered: true })

For a failed log like this I can simply run a batch script to import failed insert.

At the moment I found that other methods for writing CDRs give less informations (CDR_CSV) or much back work to process CDRs (CURL or XML)

Thank you
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