[Freeswitch-users] multiple records of the same user registration on the same host

Henry Huang red.rain.seven at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 01:32:19 MSD 2014

I solved this issue by setting the variable
"sip-allow-multiple-registrations" to "false" in the user directory

I tried to do the same by setting <param name="multiple-registrations"
value="false"/> in the sip_profile itself instead of the directory, but it
doesn't work. I am still getting multiple records of the same user

Does anyone know why <param name="multiple-registrations" value="true"/>
doesn't work but <param name="sip-allow-multiple-registrations"
value="false"/> does?

I am using FreeSWITCH 1.2 if it makes a difference.



On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 1:05 AM, Henry Huang <red.rain.seven at gmail.com>

> I did not enable the multiple_registation parameter in sip profile, but I
> am seeing multiple registrations of the same user in the sip_registration
> table through odbc.
> Here is how it happened, the client (pjsip) is registering through TCP,
> without un-registering, the client failed and got restarted again. Hence
> another registration was fired to the server; however, it did not replace
> the previous record, but instead created an additional one.
> Now, can someone explain to me how that is possible? How can I make sure
> the new registration overwrite the previous one. The only thing different
> is that every time when the client register again, it's using a different
> TCP port. Can that be the cause of multiple record? If so, what should I do?
> Here is an example of the registered record from sip_registration table
> except the TCP port number is different every time. I have also masked the
> IP addresses and sip_user
>          call_id: VV3Fz9nEPrGZaVHi-Na0xUMR43u5pe4E
>         sip_user: ****999
>         sip_host: sip.domain.com
>    presence_hosts: sip.domain.com,
>          contact: "user" <sip:****999 at
> ;transport=TCP;ob;fs_nat=yes;fs_path=sip%3A71117x0%40124.124.124.124%3A5060>
>           status: Registered(AUTO-NAT-2.0)
>             rpid: unknown
>          expires: 1408559112
>       user_agent: unknown
>      server_user: ****999
>      server_host:
>     profile_name: device_kamailio
>         hostname: freeswitch01
>       network_ip:
>     network_port: 5060
>     sip_username: ****999
>        sip_realm:
>         mwi_user: ****999
>         mwi_host: sip.domain.com
> orig_server_host:
>    orig_hostname: freeswitch01
>         sub_host: NULL
> Thanks,
> Henry
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