[Freeswitch-users] Media after hang-up???

John freeswitch at earthspike.net
Thu Aug 21 15:59:35 MSD 2014


Years ago when I ran an exchange with analogue trunks I used to 
experience this problem. I cannot remember if it was down to the BT 
exchange or my exchange, but it was related to line polarity reversal on 
connect/disconnect. The continuous tone is provided by the (BT) exchange 
to indicate that the call has cleared and the handset needs to be replaced.

In any case, if your CDR agrees with your carrier's CDR, then the 
problem is between the remote PBX and their service provider. It would 
be interesting to see what happens if you made a direct SIP call (ie 
from a client, not freeswitch) using your service provider to that PBX, 
and using another (perhaps free, trial account) SIP provider to that 
PBX. Comparing results should help to identify where the problem might lie.


On 20/08/14 01:19, Stuart Mills wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m experiencing a strange issue calling a destination within the UK, 
> whereby media seems to still be connected after hang up.
> I only know this as the destination is a PBX, supplied by Unify 
> (formerly Siemens), and that PBX on occasions records a voicemail, 
> when a message is taken and after the call is hung up, there is a 
> continuous tone heard on the end of the recording. The call logs show 
> the right duration and the carrier has also confirmed that the call 
> ended as the logs suggest.
> So, I’m wondering if anyone else has come across the same sort of 
> issue using FreeSWITCH? The end user has told me they never used to 
> experience this issue using a different provider, and I can’t 
> reproduce this issue at all using other types of PBX, all calls end as 
> they should and voicemail recordings end when the call does.
> This issue doesn’t seem to be a FreeSWITCH one, just thought it worth 
> an ask to the group.
> Cheers,
> Stuart
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