[Freeswitch-users] SOLVED: problems with mod_skypopen

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 02:43:27 MSD 2014

Following the hint from ThunderZ, I can announce a rough solution (I'll
document it better next week):

1) you install the skype client downloaded by install.pl in a regular
desktop linux

2) on desktop you load skypopen.ko and make the sound device as per
start-skype-clients script

3) you start the skype instance on desktop

4) on desktop you connect to the skype net with username and password and
set the "login at startup" checkbox

5) on desktop you compile the client.c you found in configs dir of the
mod_skypopen source, as per the first line of the client.c file

6) on desktop you exec the client.c program you just compiled

7) on desktop you give the skype client authorization to be connected from
skypopen application and check the "no ask again" checkbox

8) on desktop you exec the client.c program again to be sure it connect no

9) on desktop you save a copy of the entire ~/.Skype directory and cp it on

10) on server you use that copy as a substitute of
/usr/local/freeswitch/skypopen/skype_clients_configuration_dir/skype101 to
skypeN (eg you copy it N times to skype101 skype102 etc)

11) on server you modify the startup_skype_clients.sh script so it simply
launches the skype client, without username and password on stdin and
without --pipelogin option

It takes a little time and patience, but it works, and seems robust as

The gateway skype-FreeSWITCH conference call is back online, answering at
skypeusername "freeswitch_conf_call", as always :).

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