[Freeswitch-users] [OL]Re: best way to receive FAXs

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Wed Aug 6 00:16:52 MSD 2014

I used to use hylafax for many years - most of the problems had to do with the modem software - not 
hylafax.  Once I had the right FAX modem I had close to 100% successes( It was one of about 25 
external faxmodems/firmware combinations that I tried).

Using hylafax with VoIP via an audio card did not bring much joy.. so

I am now using:

<condition field="destination_number" expression="^33$">
    <!--   The following sort of works-->
       <action application="set" data="file=/home/freeswitch/fax/${strftime(%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S)}.tif"/>
       <action application="playback" data="silence_stream://2000"/>
       <action application="set" data="fax_enable_t38_request=false"/>
       <action application="set" data="fax_enable_t38=false"/>
       <action application="rxfax" data="${file}"/>
       <action application="system" data='echo "See attached FAX" | mutt -a ${file} -s "FAX" -- 
fax at example.com' />
       <action application="hangup" />
      <action application="set_zombie_exec"/>

I too am missing some faxes - some folks have to retry.  My testing seems to suggest that it has to 
do with the sending fax machine more than it being a VoIP connection.

I also have
         <action application="spandsp_start_fax_detect" data="transfer '33 XML features' 6"/>

And some fax calls fail to transfer - but not often.

@ Bruce - As per:
  fax_disable_v17 = true
  fax_enable_t38 = true
  fax_enable_t38_request = true
  fax_verbose = true
  ignore_early_media = true

Can you explain what you think each line above might be doing for INBOUND faxes?

In the long run, I can't wait till we can say RIP to all FAXes, but it might be good to collect some 
statistics on which FAX settings have the best success - and your scripts so that spansp faxing can 
be improved.

The problem I've had in debugging this is I only have a few old FAX machines to test with - one 
really needs a huge volume of FAX calls coming in or a huge collection of machines to test with.

Your large volume of incoming FAX calls could produce some useful statistics..

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