[Freeswitch-users] FS as SBC

Nikolay Kondratyev n.kondratyev at cpm.ru
Tue Jul 9 13:02:01 MSD 2013

Hi All,


I'm new to freeswitch and I'm investigating if i can use FS as SBC.

I see that one can use FS as SBC for incoming and outgoing calls.

But I was not able to find out if FS can be used for registration. I mean
the subscriber from internet should send Register to FS, and FS should send
Register to internal sip server. Is this possible?

Another question is: what will happen with "contact parameters" in Invite
and Register messages? Will FS pass unknown parameters through? 

I'm interested in particular in the following Contact field:

<sip:+79980000004 at;transport=udp>;+g.3gpp.icsi-ref="urn%3Au

If FS will get Invite or Register from Internet with such Contact, is it
possible to preserve parameters (namely
.oma.sip-im.large-message;expires=3600) on the internal call leg?


Thanks in advance,



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