[Freeswitch-users] Audio Issue: Digitized background beep when speaking

Imran Moinuddin imran.moinuddin at nexdegree.com
Mon Feb 18 10:57:12 MSK 2013

Hi everyone,

Recently we've been experiencing some unusual audio issues on our SIP
gateway (running Freeswitch) where people on a conference are sometimes
hearing periodic / digitized 'beeps' or 'clicks' during the call (mainly
when someone's speaking). You can listen to a recorded clip from the call


The caller was coming in via a landline through one of our carriers.

Our FS server wasn't under any particular strain for resources at the time
nor does it seem too widespread (it happens pretty non-deterministic from
what I can tell) but thought I'd share in case anyone has heard anything
similar in the past and if there are insights worth sharing on this.

Any feedback would be awesome,

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