[Freeswitch-users] High Availability Cluster Module for FreeSWITCH

Marcin Gozdalik gozdal at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 00:33:43 MSK 2013

2013/2/12 Michael Collins <msc at freeswitch.org>:
>> If there was a readily available resource agent for FS it is "easy" to
>> setup Corosync (if you know hat you are doing). I didn't setup
>> Corosync to handle FS, I have OpenSIPS as SBC before FS which handles
>> HA. Of course it is not ideal, as in case of a problem current calls
>> are lost.
> Which is precisely the point - this is *HIGH* availability we're talking
> about, not "kinda quickly recovering from a problem but it's okay to lose
> the calls that were in progress as long as our VoIP comes back up within
> 5-10 seconds."
> We're talking about the Holy Grail of VoIP here - a fault-tolerant cluster
> of VoIP servers that can keep calls up and running even if the primary
> server goes down. Note that "primary server goes down" includes literally
> hundreds of scenarios from physical (power, network cable unplugged, HDD
> crash, etc.) to logical (user misconfiguration of FreeSWITCH or LAN
> settings, router/firewall changes, service provider goofups, FreeSWITCH core
> dump, a single sofia profile locked up but other FS is okay, etc.) I'll bet
> Eliot can name dozens of them off the top of his head. ;)
> I have a sneaking suspicion that not everyone in this thread is thinking the
> same thing when we say "HA". Eliot's proposed solution encompasses fault
> scenarios that some of us haven't even dreamed of. I am open to someone
> getting P + C to do everything that Eliot's mod_ha_cluster can do but I
> suspect it isn't realistic. If you can prove me wrong on that then please by
> all means do so.

The Holy Grail you're describing is probably impossible to achieve
(even Google sometimes serves you 500, just press reload to be routed
to another server :).
Maybe this discussion could continue to prepare some kind of a
blueprint describing the predicted failure scenarios and how the
proposed solution would deal with them? There are several solutions
best suited for different classes of availability you're willing to

Marcin Gozdalik

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