[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch on PowerPC Ubuntu errors... possible?

Jeff Leung jleung at v10networks.ca
Thu Apr 25 08:49:00 MSD 2013

While I don't own a PPC box, I'd say you may want to get a full build log
and submit this as a bug in JIRA. 

In the mean time since it's a -Werror, (and I may get murdered by Brian or
Ken for this) you could find the Werror line inside configure.in, comment
that line out, rebootstrap the tree and re-configure. Then give make a spin.



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I'm trying to build the latest Freeswitch from git on an old Mac PPC running
Ubuntu 12.10 PPC. Having the following error(s) on make, but it's kind of a
strange setup, so I don't know if it's maybe just not possible or if I just
need to tweak something or if maybe gcc is messed up. I get several errors
like this:


error: type of bit-field 'x' is a GCC extension [-Werror=edantic]


...where 'x' is various things in different errors.


Is this is a quick fix or will it take some hacking? Was just messing around
with this old Mac, so if it doesn't work, no big deal.





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