[Freeswitch-users] FSW not matching ACK transaction

David Escartin descartin at systemonenoc.com
Fri Apr 19 16:22:48 MSD 2013

Hello all

we are using freeswitch with a sip-proxy setup and we are trying to make 
match in a dialog with the ACK transaction, by receiving direclty the 
ACK from the UAC not passing through the proxy (as the initial INVITE does)

this is the scenario for the INVITE

UAC ----> PROXY ----> FSW

in the proxy we are not adding record-route header, so when the UAC 
generates the ACK, it goes like this

UAC ---------------------> FSW

however, seems the FSW is not recognizing the ACK and keeps sending 
several 200OK back to the PROXY (because we did include Via: in the INVITE)

for the INVITE here we have the parameters needed to match in the ACK 
Request-URI: sip:34666988297 at
Call-ID: 61E072E1-A80F11E2-9934BA77-E98AD4CD at
From: "EXTERNAL-CALL" <sip:34917019888 at>;tag=4B21F0A0-CFE

for the ACK here are the parameters
Request-URI: sip:34666988297 at;transport=udp
Call-ID: 61E072E1-A80F11E2-9934BA77-E98AD4CD at
From: "EXTERNAL-CALL" <sip:7299 at>;tag=4B21F0A0-CFE

maybe the difference in the user of the From and the "transport=udp" of 
the R-URI could explain the issue

or do you know if it could be needed to add any configuration in the FSW 
to make the transaction match?

thanks a lot and regards
david escartin

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