[Freeswitch-users] SRTP + ZRTP mixed modr

Daniel Ivanov sertys at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 23:36:44 MSD 2013

Ok, i am getting confused. Am trying to offer mixed mode calls. If peers
are compatible with zrtp(i check that in a db via mod_lua), then zrtp
should be used. If it's not zrtp friendly or it's an outside call, then
srtp is used. I set clients to create zrtp +optional srtp(e.g. both savp
and avp in sdp lines) and then set via lua:
Sip_allow_crypto_in_avp t
Sip_secure_media f
Nolocal:sip_secure_media f
Zrtp_secure_media t
Proxy_media t
Bypass_media f
Inherit_codec t

But i only get the call established on clients with SRTP indicated as
enabled and no sign of ZRTP. And there is no audio on top of that too,
because fs is not feeding srtp data between them.

Anyone has achieved such a dynamic mixed mode setup and wants to help?
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