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Hi Dave,

Sure we can try that, meanwhile we also are interested in , which way it
can help us solve the problem.


On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 11:54 PM, Dave R. Kompel <drk at drkngs.net> wrote:

> **
> Can we set up a test? I would like you to try to register your device in
> one of my lab switches. Since I make a comercial product which is a carrier
> grade softswitch, based on FS, my customers all are using FS as their main
> switch for ITSP/CLEC.
> Although I use custom logic to handle registrations, the options should
> work for you. I would like to see actually what is going on.
> --Dave
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> 66
>  Thanks Dave,
> We already tried "NDLB-connectile-dysfunction=true" as the client (Yealink
> T28P) is not using rport in its VIA header. But still no luck freeswitch
> still sending the response to the port in Contact header (5062) instead of
> the recieving port (14335). 5062 port is actually not valid as the client
> is behind NAT and only can get the response if freeswitch will send it to
> 14335 port.
> Do you have any other idea about this?
> :-( .........
> Regards,
> Belint
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>> port when client behind NAT
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>> Sorry for the long delay, but here's your answer:
>> It's going to go to the address in the un-altered VIA header, unless
>> RPORT gets sent it the VIA. If you have agressive_nat_detection turned on,
>> and the client puts RPORT in the via, it will work fine. If you have a
>> broken device that won't do it, then set the variable
>> "NDLB-connectile-dysfunction=true" in the users directory enter (XML) or
>> other, what ever you are using. That will cause the contact to be
>> re-written to the transport address from where it came (both ip address and
>> port) and the response will also be sent there.
>> --Dave
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>> *Subject:* Re: [Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch is responding to contact's
>> port when client behind NAT
>> Does any one know its solutions,
>> Guys please help, its urgent. I am even unable to register my phones :-(
>> Regards,
>> On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 9:20 AM, BELint Inc <belintinc at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> We`ve been using freeswitch since very long, It was good all over but it
>>> got stuck to a simple yet complex situation. We have Yealink T28P series
>>> phones behind NAT and freeswitch is unable to get them register. In the
>>> scenario freeswitch is at public IP. The reason we think is that freeswitch
>>> is using sip port in contact header to respond to.
>>> Is there anyway we can avoid this or force it to always send the
>>> response to destination IP instead of contact or via header ports because
>>> clients are behind NAT and response can only reach them if it respond to
>>> destination IP & PORT.
>>> Please revert if someone know how to solve this problem. It is very
>>> urgent.
>>> Regards
>>> BELint
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