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Mi Ke mi.ke at null.net
Fri Jul 20 22:03:01 MSD 2012

Michael, thanks for answering - I already tried this but I need to set continue_on_fail to TRUE because that seems to be the only way to pass original hangup code from leg B to A when bridge completes. And when COF is set to TRUE it behaves like it's related to the "whole" bridge i.e. until all 3 endpoints are tried entire bridge is not considered as failed of succeded. Re separate approach - I'm not sure how can I do that as the number of EPs in my case is dynamic, bridge app receives them as a 1|2|3 dialstring from rouing lua app.

 Thanks / Mike

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 Perhaps you could use this?

 Specify the conditions on which the bridge should keep going. Note: you may need to separate these out into individual bridge apps with a single endpoint. I haven't tried it lately, so be sure to report back what you find out.


 On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 10:30 AM, Mi Ke < mi.ke at null.net > wrote:
Hi All,

 When I do a failover using bridge app and ep1|ep2|ep3 construstion - how do I stop further hunting if any of already hunted endpoints returned e.g. USER_BUSY ?

 Thanks / Mike

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