[Freeswitch-users] How to keep one leg call in FreeSwitch

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Add this after the answer.
    <action application="park"/>

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I'm newbie in FreeSwitch and I'm trying to develop an application using
mod_socket interface.
First, I configured the FreeSwitch to answer any call coming from my

        <extension name="from_my_gateway">
            <condition field="network_addr" expression="192\.231\.7\.123" >
                <action application="answer"/>

I can make a call from my SIP phone in FreeSwitch to PSTN number that is
routed back to the FreeSwitch and the incoming call is  answered (due to
dialplan above). The problem is that the call is answered and right after
Is there a way to tell to the FreeSwitch to keep this incoming call active?
I would like to be able to manipulate this call via event_socket (play
audio, detect digits or even do nothing)

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