[Freeswitch-users] Imagine playing a 44.1 kHz mp3 file !!!

Saugort Dario Garcia Tovar dgarcia at anew.com.ve
Mon Feb 27 16:25:59 MSK 2012

Hi Anita,

As far, I have played with FS. I could notice that FS try to choose the 
format acording to the media, at least I saw this in my box. Someone 
from FS, could validate this. Recently, I loaded a set of mexican 
prompts, all them were in 44KHz format, when I tested, I notice in FS 
console, FS "converted on fly" to 8KHz.

It is a good idea to have your prompts in all formats (44, 32, 16, 8KHz, 
gsm, linear), if your box have enough space too keep all your prompts. 
However, each media have their own restrictions (not FS restrictions). 
In TDM world, PCMA and PCMU (the correct is u-law and A-law codec) are 
used. Other media like GSM and SIP/H.323 used other formats, including 
PCMA and PCMU. The best practice, is to avoid transcoding as possible, 
to not demand more processing resources.

On 2/26/2012 5:45 PM, Anita Hall wrote:
> Yesterday, I saw someone storing his audio prompt files in 44.1 kHz 
> mp3 for playback !!! I am still recovering from the shock!
> What will be the correct format to keep prompts in if we are connected 
> via FreeTDM to an E1:
> GSM or PCMA?
> regards,
> Anita
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