[Freeswitch-users] failed to find agent when using mod_callcenter

fieldpeak fieldpeak at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 19:03:55 MSK 2012

Hi friends,

i'm using mod_callcenter, when i call a number of Queue, FS failed to find
the agent. while i have register a softphone (nubmer 1001) in the system,
also i already assing this agent to this queue in "callcenter.conf.xml", i
doubt maybe it is wrong format for "user/1001 at localhost" in
"callcenter.conf.xml", then i tried user/1001 at default. it still did not
help, could anybody help me? thanks a lot!


2012-02-15 23:47:52.491927 [DEBUG] mod_callcenter.c:1036 Updated Agent
admin at localhost set state = Receiving
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:1873 Parsing
global variables
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:2286 Parsing
session specific variables
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [DEBUG] switch_event.c:1170 Parsing variable
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [WARNING] mod_dptools.c:3016 Can't find user
[1001 at default]
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:2447 Cannot create
outgoing channel of type [user] cause: [SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT]
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:3299 Originate
Resulted in Error Cause: 20 [SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT]
2012-02-15 23:47:52.494305 [DEBUG] mod_callcenter.c:1641 Agent
admin at localhost Origination Canceled : SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT

*reg user info:*

Call-ID:        e8534b480a48a927 at SG9tZS1QQy14NjQ.
User:           1001 at
Contact:        "1001" <sip:1001 at x.x.x.x
Agent:          eyeBeam release 3015c stamp 27107
Status:         Registered(AUTO-NAT)(unknown) EXP(2012-02-15 23:53:10)
Host:           DEMO
IP:             y.y.y.y
Port:           8420
Auth-User:      1001
Auth-Realm:    x.x.x.x
MWI-Account:    1001 at


<configuration name="callcenter.conf" description="CallCenter">
        <!--<param name="odbc-dsn" value="dsn:user:pass"/>-->

        <queue name="7_Queue_test at localhost">
            <param name="strategy" value="longest-idle-agent"/>
            <param name="moh-sound" value="$${hold_music}"/>
            <param name="time-base-score" value="system"/>
            <param name="max-wait-time" value="0"/>
            <param name="max-wait-time-with-no-agent" value="0"/>
            <param name="tier-rules-apply" value="false"/>
            <param name="tier-rule-wait-second" value="300"/>
            <param name="tier-rule-wait-multiply-level" value="true"/>
            <param name="tier-rule-no-agent-no-wait" value="false"/>
            <param name="discard-abandoned-after" value="60"/>
            <param name="abandoned-resume-allowed" value="false"/>

<!-- WARNING: Configuration of XML Agents will be updated into the DB upon
restart. -->
<!-- WARNING: Configuration of XML Tiers will reset the level and position
if those were supplied. -->
<!-- WARNING: Agents and Tiers XML config shouldn't be used in a multi FS
shared DB setup (Not currently supported anyway) -->
                <agent name="admin at localhost" type="callback"
contact="[call_timeout=10]user/1001 at localhost" status="Available (On
Demand)" max-no-answer="3" wrap-up-time="10" reject-delay-time="10"
busy-delay-time="60" />

<!-- If no level or position is provided, they will default to 1.  You
should do this to keep db value on restart. -->
        <tier agent="admin at localhost" queue="7_Queue_test at localhost"
level="1" position="1"/>


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