[Freeswitch-users] mod_callcenter overloading database when using MySQL via unixODBC

Vik Killa vipkilla at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 00:42:18 MSK 2012

I'm beginning to wonder if mod_callcenter works across multiple FS boxes...
I've getting an error like:

2012-02-13 16:39:41.210506 [ERR] mod_callcenter.c:1399 Member SomeUA
<1004> with uuid 3c6825b2-568b-11e1-842f-f7320940deaa in queue
support1 at default is gone just before we assigned an agent

Anybody know what that means? Also has anybody used mod_callcenter
across more than one instance of FS?

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Peter Olsson
<peter.olsson at visionutveckling.se> wrote:
> Follow the steps below and tweak the MySQL server. Especially make sure you have enough RAM and that you have increased the InnoDB buffer pool size. As I said, in a properly configured server this shouldn't be even noticeable.
> /Peter

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