[Freeswitch-users] [newbie] questions

Josh mojo1736 at privatedemail.net
Fri Feb 10 02:14:39 MSK 2012

>     I (as the called party) have the option (by pressing a specific key
>     after receiving the caller's name) to: 1) accept the call; 2) send a
>     message back to the caller saying this number is unavailable and then
>     terminate his/her call; 3) redirect him/her to voicemail; 4) drop the
>     call entirely without giving any explanation at all (or,
>     alternatively,
>     torture them with some moh if they appear to be telemarketing
>     group for
>     example). By reading that example, it looks as though this can be
>     achieved.
> If you only need "answer or reject to continue with the dialplan" then 
> simply use the pre-built Answer Confirmation:
> http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Freeswitch_IVR_Originate#Answer_confirmation
> Anything else will be a bit more complicated.
According to the example I posted earlier (Example 13) it all seemed 
configurable as all of the steps taken were separate actions with 
parameters, which were completely configurable, so, naturally, I 
presumed that I could tweak this a bit to suit my own needs, isn't that so?

> For telemarketers, you could bridge them to http://itslenny.com/
:-)  Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!

> When installing if you did "make sounds-install" you got the basic 
> sound package which is quite extensive.
> I recommend looking at the docs/phrase/phrase_en.xml and see the list 
> of the phrases / pre-recorded sound files under the name "callie".
I will - thanks for the pointer. I haven't reached the "installation" 
stage yet - I am yet to decide whether to use FreeSWITCH, but will 
certainly look at the sound/media resources provided with it. Thanks 
again for your input.

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