[Freeswitch-users] Mod_dingaling and openfire issue

Saugort Dario Garcia Tovar dgarcia at anew.com.ve
Tue Feb 7 16:38:47 MSK 2012

Thanks for your comment,

well, I trying to use openfire as screen pop-up. My project was to build 
an IVR script in lua, collect some data, consume some webservice, then 
populate a variable. Then transfer the call to a queue, then when the 
call is delivered to an agent, use chat command to send a pop-up to the 
agent wih the collected data.

So far, Openfire seems to be working fine, I have two clients registered 
in Openfire:  one using spark, the second using SJPhone (also, it is 
registered in FS with an extension X). I can send message between both 
clients, thats why I think openfire is working fine.

When I activate server-server integration in FS to connect to Openfire , 
as soon I use chat app or FS receive Openfire messaging FS stop/exit, I 
mean, FS is not longer running. Why? FS should not end if mod fail or 
other end send wrong or unexpected messages

When mod_dingaling was developed which jabber server used?

On 2/7/2012 7:45 AM, Bob Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> What are you looking to do with Openfire and FreeSwitch once you have 
> it up and running ?
> Speaking as someone who's tried to integrate FreeSwitch and Openfire 
> in relation to conferencing, I've found it to be a bit of a waste of 
> time, as mod_dingaling isn't ready for prime time as far as XMPP 
> integration goes.
> Others may disagree with me here, but I've given up and abandoned the 
> idea until the codebase is improved sometime in the distant future.
> However good luck with your project and keep us updated
> Bob
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