[Freeswitch-users] Newbie question. Where to install Freeswitch?

Brett Davidson brett at davidson.gen.nz
Wed Feb 1 00:33:33 MSK 2012

I am about to build myself a new PfSense box at home as I want Gigabit wirespeed routing between two subnets and then found FreeSwitch.

It appears you can install FreeSwitch on pfsense and that would make sense from a consolidation and power usage factor but it doesn't seem advisable to put your Telephony app on your firewall. That a real concern or am I being a little too paranoid (I work in IT). ;-)

I understand that FreeSwitch could run on an Alix 2D3 (my current PfSense machine) but am wondering if it's a little underpowered. (AMD Geode at 500MHz with 256Mb RAM).

I don't see much documented about resources and where to place FreeSwitch. Any recommendations?

Cheers in advance,

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