[Freeswitch-users] mod_fifo: Agent in multiple fifos gets multiple calls at once

Peter Steinbach lists at telefaks.de
Thu Aug 2 20:54:11 MSD 2012


we have multiple fifos with multiple agents. Some agents serve multiple
We currently see the following behaviour, which causes unintended hangups:

  * Agent A1 gets a call from caller C1 in fifo F1
  * Agent A1 is now in a call with C1
  * Another call is coming in from caller C2 to fifo F2 which is also
    served by A1
  * Freeswitch is trying the place the call C2 to Agent A1 although A1
    is in a call

Normally this is not a problem for us, but sometimes Freeswitch tries to
place almost simultaneously 2 calls from 2 different fifos to the same
agent (I have a wireshark example of 2 invites within 1 msec). This
causes our Aastra phones to hangup the 1st call calls when Freeswitch
sends a CANCEL for the second call to the phone.

My question: Are Fifos working independently in Freeswitch or is there a
way to share the agent's phone status across several fifos?

With kind regards
Peter Steinbach 

Telefaks Services GmbH
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